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Elder Justice Innovation Grant

With funding from ACL, our Elder Justice Prevention grant in Texas helped create a pioneering collaboration between APS, a healthcare system, and researchers with the result that over 500 patients, primarily with an allegation of self-neglect, were reported to APS. Many of these patients would have failed to come under the radar of protective services or receive supportive services. With funding from an Elder Justice Innovation grant, we developed a proactive case-management intervention to link at-risk patients with home- and community-based services and prevent them from becoming self-neglecting or face other negative outcomes. This self-neglect intervention is now being tested further with APS clients in Oklahoma through a State APS Enhancement Grant, which aims to further improve APS practice.

Farida Kassim Ejaz, Ph.D., LISW-S, FGSA

Senior Research Scientist

Center for Research and Education

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

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Pathways to Safety for Adults Experiencing Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation: Bridges from Adult Protective Services to Community-Based Services

Community Impact

OEJAPS is proud to partner with a variety of community organizations to make an impact on elder justice issues. We work cooperatively with community partners such as private entities, non-profits, and institutions of higher learning and professions such as legal, social, and financial services. OEJAPS grantees and contractors have made substantial progress toward advancing the field of elder justice via projects such as:

Report Highlights

This report examined the impact and reach of 24 State Grants to Enhance Adult Protective Services. It Identifies the impact of state APS enhancement grants, analyzes the reach of these grant, and outlines significant findings for future planning

This report is the fifth annual release based on 2020 data from the National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System (NAMRS), which is a voluntary data reporting system collecting data from state adult protective services systems. All states, territories and district contributed data to this report. The report features a special chapter on the potential impact of COVID-19

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