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No matter how old we are, justice requires that all people are equal and full members of our communities, and the safety and dignity of all its members are preserved, including older adults and people with disabilities. Unfortunately, we do not always live up to this ideal. Committed to developing systems and programs that encourage justice, prevent abuse, and provide protection and support to those in need, the Administration of Community Living (ACL) seeks to change how our society thinks of older people and those with disabilities and what we can do to enable their participation. Just like a stable building requires a strong set of support beams, we need a solid social structure so that older people and those with disabilities can live their lives to the fullest, participate in our communities, and live free from abuse and neglect.

This website highlights some of ACL’s efforts to build public and professional understanding about elder abuse and strengthen the social supports needed to prevent it. Strong, stable communities with structures to support people of all ages and abilities not only ensure justice and dignity for older people and adults with disabilities, but also secure the wellbeing and quality of life for us all.

The ACL Office of Elder Justice and Adult Protective Services (OEJAPS) provides grants to support the development of systems and programs that prevent abuse from happening, protect people from abusive situations, support people who have experienced abuse to help them recover, and preserve and promote their independence, choice, and financial security. Over the years, ACL’s elder justice programs have provided numerous grants to states and communities. On the map below, states colored gray are prior OEJAPS grantees, and states colored blue have active grantee projects, representing 60 awards across 5 grant programs. Click on the map for a snapshot of our active grant projects.

Safe Exit